My first blog!

I have had my website now for some time and, while I am very grateful to my son for designing it for me, I have never really used it to it's full potential.  Well, today I am hoping that will change!  My wife and youngest daughter and I recently took the step of committing to join the church that we have been attending for several months and the Pastor of that church blogs daily about his personal life, Bible readings and other topics.  His name is John and he is the Pastor at First Southern Baptist Church (FSBC) of Northglenn. Reading his blog now for just over a week has inspired me to start blogging myself.  I hope that you will visit my website often to catch up on what is going on in my life and the life of my family.

To become members of FSBC, my wife, youngest daughter and I need to get baptized.  The baptism is scheduled for April 6th and I am very excited.  I was baptized as a child, but I don't remember it and since I wasn't a believer until well into my adult years, I don't feel like it really meant anything.  Being baptized now as a believer means a lot to me.  I know it is only a symbol and that I gave my life to Christ many years ago, but it makes me think of Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist and I know that it will help me grow even closer to our Lord and Savior.

On March 2nd, FSBC started a new program called, "The Bible in 90 Days". We actually started on March 1st, wanting to start fresh with the beginning of a new month.  I have never read the entire Bible, and if I am completely honest with you and myself, I have never really even come close to reading the entire book.  So, I was very excited to take on this challenge.  I have to tell you, that while it is a commitment that takes, at minimum, an hour a day, it has been very rewarding and eye opening.  I look forward to what is in store for me each day when I wake up in the morning.  It is so nice to have a church home that not only encourages it's members to take on a challenge like this, but also supports it in it's Bible studies on Sunday mornings.  My wife and I get a chance to sit down with our fellow believers and discuss the readings that we had the previous week.  It has a been a great learning experience that we have both thoroughly enjoyed.  Last night I finished the book of Deuteronomy and tonight I will start Joshua.  I will comment more on my Bible readings in upcoming posts.

Last week also saw my wife and I finish up our Foster Care certification process.  Sometime this week, we will be licensed Foster Care providers and ready to accept our first placement.  We are excited to accept God's calling in James 1:27, which says:  "Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is to look after orphans and widows in their affliction..."   While we don't know the child that God will give us to care for, we know that we are called to help these children in any way we can and to work with their birth parents to help reunite them, if possible.  We know that there will be challenges, many of them great, but we are ready to do God's work and be His hands and feet.  Please pray for us as we begin this process.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading a bit about what me and my family are experiencing in our walk.  Please check back as often as you like.